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Women's Haircut
Women's Haircut w/ Lip or Brow Wax

Men's Haircut $48
Child's Haircut (12 and under)
Blow Out
Bang or Neck Trim
Coloring Menu
Add Olaplex* for $30
Full Highlight/Women's Haircut
$210 + $30 for Olaplex
Full Highlight/Blowout
$168 + $30 for Olaplex
Full Highlight/Touch-Up/Haircut
$276 + $30 for Olaplex
Full Highlight/Touch-Up/Blowout
$234 + $30 for Olaplex
Partial Highlight/Women's Haircut
$185 + $30 for Olaplex
Partial Highlight/Blowout
$142 + $30 for Olaplex
Partial Highlight/Touch-Up/Haircut
$249 + $30 for Olaplex

Partial Highlight/Touch-Up/Blowout $208 + $30 for Olaplex
TouchUp/Women's Haircut $132 + $30 for Olaplex
TouchUp/Blowout $90 + $30 for Olaplex
Semi Color/Women's Haircut $120 + $30 for Olaplex
Semi Color/Blowout  $78 + $30 for Olaplex
Ombre or Biolage/Women's Haircut $214 + $30 for Olaplex

Ombre or Biolage/Blowout $172 + $30 for Olaplex

Men's Haircut and Color $78 + $30 for Olaplex
Corrective Color Consultation Needed
Waxing Services
Lip Wax
Brow Wax

Speciality Services

Updo's $90
Special Event Styling $55 - $75
Relaxer Haircut $180
Perms $180

EuroSoCap Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions are made of 100% human hair. The unique keratin bonding system, which attaches the extension to your own hair using natural proteins, blends beautifully with your natural hair. EuroSoCap Hair Extensions are applied strand by strand for easy management and a totally natural flow. Extensions will last 4-6 months. CONSULTATION NEEDED BEFORE SERVICE.

*Olaplex Hair Treatment

Olaplex is a top hair treatment developed by scientists to prevent hair from getting damaged. These damages can occur due to excessive use of chemical services. This treatment not only helps in hair recovery but also contributes in enhancing the internal structure of the tresses. 

There are infinite uses and benefits of Olaplex. Have a look at some of them:  
  • This treatment works best in rebuilding the quality of hair. 
  • It acts as a barrier to protect your hair from getting damaged. 
  • This treatment is used during bleach services, highlights and color. Hair reconditioning treatment does not take place efficiently without the use of Olaplex. 
  • It helps in maintaining healthy hair. By using it during the keratin treatment, the benefits maximise to a great extent. 
  • It is the top treatment for enhancing hair softness and shine. 
Olaplex treatment for hair repairing: To lighten your dark hair color you need to use a bleach to pull out the pigment. Lightening is a crucial and risky task. This procedure has to be done in the right manner else it might damage your hair quality and structure, drastically. However, with the arrival of olaplex treatment this problem has been solved. 

It is time when fussing over your hair breakage and searching for products to repair your tresses, need to come to an end. Olaplex is the key to keep your hair healthy and shiny. By using it you can also stop your hair color from fading soon.

Global K
eratin Treatments
All Global Keratin Hair Treat
ments are free of formaldehyde and leave the hair deep conditioned, frizz-free and incredibly shiny. Norayne offers the Full, Express and Conditioning treatments.

The Full Treatment penetrates the cuticle to improve texture, enhance manageability and reduce frizz to aid in strengthening and straightening hair for up to 6 months.

Express Treatment provides the same results as the full treatment lasts 3 months.

The Deep Conditioning treatment delivers moisture and nourishes hair that has been weakened by chemical services, heat styling and environmental effects. It repairs damage with natural plant extracts and oils.

Full Treatment (complimentary trim on ends) $300
Express Treatment/Blowout

Deep Conditioning/Blowout $102

Full GK with Full Highlights

Full GK with Partial Highlights $418

Full GK with Touch-Up

Express GK/Full Highlights/Haircut $410

Express GK/Full Highlights/Blowout

Express GK/Partial Highlights/Haircut  $384

Express GK/Partial Highlights/Blowout

Express GK/Touch-Up/Haircut

Express GK/Touch-Up/Blowout  $290

Express GK/Haircut  $266

Deep Condition/Full Highlights/Haircut  $252

Deep Condition/Full Highlights/Blowout $210

Deep Condition/Partial Highlights/Haircut $262

Deep Condition/Partial Highlights/Blowout

Deep Condition/Touch-Up/Haircut  $210

Deep Condition/Touch-Up/Blowout $168

Deep Condition/Haircut